Anonymous: Who do you consider Boston when referring to PF? New Jersey, too?

Who??? Just people from there… Obviously.

when nobody shows up.


i sometimes wonder what would happen if we played a rock show & nobody came.

(came as in, nobody showed up, you sickos)

like, if we were to go on stage in portland, austin, tampa, or buffalo (total a coincidence that i happened to come up with the four cities that are lagging behind in…


30 second sketchbook entry for the day. happy birthday to the best.
Does anyone need a package 1 VIP for Paradise Fears in NYC August 14?


I’m selling one, message me for more details.

both of us speech: a response


i can’t escape myself.
more accurately, i can’t escape the voice in my head and i have to run after the words, i just have to. it started out not rhyming just because.
anyway, i think i’m just treating this as a writing exercise now. yeah. that’s what this is.

a writing exercise.

I absolutely love these. <3


cleaning out my room and found this from summer of 2012. oh how much has changed.
you to believe in: a response


started this as a random letter for -someone- never meant to be posted but then there was too much honesty and it began to sound more like the thoughts/feelings of every fan out there who truly ever loved some silly little piece of music or band so much that it hurt, and then it went back to being…



Anonymous: hi there! just wanted to let you know that no rude anonymous people can tell you what to do. keep living your life and running your blog the way you want to! we love it that way. :-)

They were just speaking their mind. It’s alright.

theflailingbookworm: I'm sorry you got that awful message, please don't. We love you.

It is what it is.

Anonymous: Pay no mind to that anon. It's just there to spite you and frankly, you don't have to let it affect you. You really don't. I mean, what's a grey face to do? Run your life? Ruin your life? No, because they ain't worth a single tear. So just ignore them hub, and don't let them judge your self worth. Because you do matter and you're not some "bitch" they so described you. So chins up hun and just shoo them away. <3

It’s okay. It won’t even matter soon enough.

i-mean-do-good: You're perfect. Don't listen to anon hate.

nahhhh it’s okay

love-sing-smile: Honey, please don't let that anon get to you! We love you so much and appreciate what you do within the PF fandom!! You are so great! They have no idea what they are saying. This is your blog, who cares if you need to rant about something or want to share something with us? We love seeing your posts, no matter what they are about! I love you, hang in there love!

It’s totally fine. Don’t even worry about it. They have every right to express what they think.

the-world-mustn-t-see-me: Don't listen to that stupid anon love. You're great

thanks. no worries.