Sam’s been acting kinda cray cray lately.

Paradise Fears supporting The Summer Set 
Manchester Academy 3 
17th April 2014

My doodle of the day :)
based on some comments on some instagram pictures haha

"We’ll be kings and queens in this dream, 
all for one, one for all”
Battle Scars by Paradise Fears
Photo taken by LyricalCanvas
Fits iPhone 5/5S

Paradise fears were seriously amazing tonight! I don’t want to fly back home tomorrow I want see them again! #paradisefears #tss #thesummerset #LegendaryTourUk
Anonymous: Do you know the blonde girl that is always sitting at merch with Anthony in the NY/PA shows? Does she work for the band?

I don’t. Sorry.

Anonymous: Do you know why/when they said hes not doing this tour?

Someone told me the other day but they tweeted it to someone earlier today. And it’s for personal reasons I guess.

Anonymous: Which band members are doing the UK tour?

All of them except for Marcus!

Anonymous: are you the pf blog that does gif submissions or am i thinking of another one? i follow too many and i've lost track. sorry.

Not me! Sorry!

Anonymous: Do you know if marcus is in the Uk?

He’s not doing this tour!

Anonymous: What song is "now and then i still see your ghost these are the moments i miss you the most" from? I can't find it anywhere

Color. It hasn’t been relesed yet.